Your Guide in Finding the Best Car Insurance in Singapore

Car Insurance in Singapore

Finding the best car insurance in Singapore is not a big issue. What is more important is how to find the best car insurance in Singapore for your needs. For simple comparison, all insurers under this category are covering almost every type of coverage – from comprehensive to basic. In this article, you will get the following tips: 

Shop around for the right insurance 

This is the most important tip in getting the right type of insurance. In Singapore, there are more than twenty insurance providers and their own brand of insurance. You have the option to purchase insurance policies directly from the insurer, buy through a third-party workshop, or get insurance through a national or state-owned company. 

Consider a policy that covers the most common risks 

The insurer you choose should give you an insurance policy that covers you for the most common types of accidents – theft, fire, traffic accidents, vandalism, hit-and-run accidents, and so on. If you drive an older vehicle or have experienced some bad acts in the past, you may be charged a higher premium or need to have more advanced and costly accident protection features. If you are inexperienced driver, you may not be granted full coverage yet. 

Join a reputable and established auto workshop 

Join a reputable and established auto workshop. Insurance companies prefer to partner with reputable workshops because they believe it will help improve their reputation and marketability in the future. The more successful auto workshops are, the more likely they are to have satisfied customers. And since the vehicles will be driven around the city, the workshop also contributes to the safety of the road users. As you search for the ideal Singapore car insurance for your needs, be sure to visit at least five reputable workshops and ask if they are members of ASEX Singapore or CISA Singapore. 

Maintain a good driving record 

Maintain a good driving record. If you have a clean record and no moving violations, then your premiums will be lower. If you get involved in any accidents or get points over speeding, you will see your rates increase significantly. 

Get your car insured through VIN number modifications. 

Insurance companies offer discounts if the VIN number of your vehicle is altered. Consult a professional mechanic to look into it. Make sure you use a broker to make the necessary VIN code changes. Car insurance promotions in Singapore often include discounts if you use brokers to get your car insured. 

Drive a low horsepower/low-emission vehicle 

High horsepower cars or motor vehicles with a high engine noise output are prone to get hit-and-run accidents. Because of this, insurers give lower premiums to drivers with low horsepower. On the other hand, drivers with high emission engines or running cars with high exhaust emissions are charged higher premiums. If you have an exotic car or a sports car that emits higher pollution than the national average, you will have to pay higher excess fees. 

Take advanced driver’s training 

Insurance companies in Singapore sometimes reward safe driving on state highways and high-speed railways. If you want to drive safer, opt for advanced driver training classes and enroll in them. As long as you don’t get involved in an accident, you can expect to enjoy lower premiums. 

Get rid of your old car 

If you own an older version of your Singapore car insurance policy, it is time to think about changing to a brand new model. If you decide to sell your property, you can sell your current insurance policy at the same time. This way, you can reduce your insurance cost and increase your savings. 

Choose your coverage wisely 

Most Singaporean insurance policies come with coverage for only one driver and no other drivers. If you have more than one driver, you are most likely paying for extra coverage which could be a drain on your money. In contrast, most overseas car owners who own more than one car typically choose multi-car insurance so that they can enjoy the cheapest car insurance premium in Singapore. 

Check out all the insurance companies in Singapore and compare their rates 

Check out all the insurance companies in Singapore and compare their rates. If you decide to sign up with an online insurance provider, it is essential that you use the internet to find the cheapest premiums available in Singapore. There are a number of online insurance providers who offer auto insurance in Singapore from TPOs (third-party insurance providers) as well as other large insurance companies. 

In finding a car insurance or any type of insurances like the best travel insurance in Singapore, it is essential to do start with a research. 

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