Bhutan 2021: Best of Bhutan Tourism

Best of Bhutan Tourism

If you are bored with your regular life recently, then what is holding you back from visiting Bhutan? Bhutan is an ideal place to visit for mountain lovers. The land of the thunderbolt, with its immense natural beauty and perfect weather, waits for your presence over there. Bhutan has always welcomed its visitors with fabulous places to visit, which would always make you feel not to leave the sites ever. In this article, you will get all the necessary information about Bhutan tourism and the top places to visit. What keeps you waiting? Go on, spice up your life with a short trip to Bhutan!

Best Places to Visit in Bhutan 2021

If you are planning for a trip to Bhutan this 2021, then no doubt on your choices as Bhutan can be an ideal place for a visit after the caged life of 20’s virus spread. The following list consists of a few names of businesses and their detailed information. Check them out now!

Dochula Pass- Ideal For A Picnic Day

If you ever visit Bhutan, then the Dochula Pass is a must-visit spot. The Pass lies amongst the snow-capped Himalayas at an elevation of 3100meters. The explicit beauty of the Himalayan mountains can be breathtaking at times. The main reason why tourists prefer visiting Dochula Pass apart from the scenic beauty is the chortens or stupas in the memorial of the old Royals of Bhutan. The most aged Queen had built the 108 memorial Stupas then. They still stand firm continuing to impress the visitors every year. Besides the Stupas, there is a monastery which had been built in honour of Jigme Singye Wangchuk who was the fourth state head of Bhutan.

It lies in front of the first Botanical garden of Bhutan. The park is a vast spot where the festivals of Dochula mainly occur. If you had been going through a lot of stress and dullness in life, then a visit to the Dochula Pass can quickly enlighten your day. One clear view of the mountains can suppress all the depressing thoughts in your mind. The Pass is an ideal place to spend some time with your near and dear ones in the picnic spot. Do not stop; book your tickets now!

Chomolhari- Explore the Untrodden Paths While Trekking

You will not be able to sense the ecstasy of Chomolhari peak until you are in deep love with mountains. The people who crave for the Himalayas and trekking trips to the mountains can visit the Chomolhari peak, which is also known as the Jomolhari peak in Bhutan. The Bhutan tour operators with their lifetime of experience can help you enjoy the Chomolhari trek ay ease. The Chomolhari lies in the border region of three counties including, Bhutan’s Paro district, Tibet and China. It lies at an elevation of 2700 meters or 8900 feet above the sea level in the Himalayas.

The Chomolhari peak gives birth to two if the famous rivers of Bhutan which are the Paro river from the south side of the mountain and the Am Chu river from the northern side. The Paro river gets its name from the Paro district in the lap of the Chomolhari mountains. The explicit beauty of the snow-capped peaks in Bhutan can help you gain some good experience in mountain climbing and trekking at ease. Who would like to miss the chance of discovering undiscovered, empty pathways in a snow-capped mountain?

Motithang Takin Preserve- Explore Different Species of Animals

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then you must be aware of the rare species found in the coldest regions of the hill stations. Bhutan tourism has got one of the rarest animal preserves in the lap of the Himalayas where you would be able to discover several rare species of animals. One of the rarest animal species which you would be able to notice in the animal preserve of Bhutan is Takin.

Takins were declared to be the national animal of Bhutan in the year of 2005. But when the government observed the inhabiting nature of the animals even in the freest of forests, he thought it might be because of the human interventions in the woods. So, he made the complete forest area of Thimpu’s Motithang as an animal preserve for the safety and security of the Takins.

Jigme Dorji National Park- 2nd Largest National Park In Bhutan

The 2nd largest National park of Bhutan is named after the most popular Jigme Dorji Wangchuk of Bhutan. The elevation of the Jigme Dorji national park lies in the range of 1400 meters to almost 7000 meters. If you ever visit the 2nd largest National Park of Bhutan, then you would be able to notice a lot of human habitats residing within the park. These people live within the National Park with legal permissions from the government to look after the animals in the garden and also concentrate on the agricultural establishments within the National Park.

The National Park lies among the Paro district, Thimpu district, Punaka district and the Wangdue Phodrang district with an area of about 4316 kilometres. The Jigme Dorji National park is a must-visit for all the visitors and tourists of Bhutan. The unique park with lots of animals roaming freely below the mountains of Thimpu, Bhutan can give you the feeling of satisfaction and peace from the core bottom of your heart!

Torsa Strict Nature Reserve- Untouched Natural Beauty

The beauty and growth of the Torsa Strict Nature Reserve are told to be untouched till now due to the no population zone of the area in Bhutan. The forest lies at an elevation ranging from 1400 meters to 4800 meters. It covers parts of Sikkim and Tibet in the west and details of the Jigme Dorji National Park through a biological gateway in between.

The above were the best places to visit in Bhutan. You can plan for a trip to Bhutan now for the fabulous experiences and relaxation from dull daily life. Bhutan tour operators expertise in the suggestion procedure and guiding of the tourists’ spots to visit in Bhutan. What keeps you waiting? Go and explore the mountains now!

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