Stop These Common Money Mindsets from Holding You Back

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You have already heard this statement before, and I will say it only once for the sake of this article, “HAPPENS WHAT IS HAPPENING!” How many times have you said this when it came to your finances? I know that I said this, and this kind of “answer”, justification and mentality will make him poor and hard working for this person.

Many people who suffer a serious financial blow or who live in poverty by not utilizing EasyFind Fintech Singapore, often return to one of the three harmful mentalities of money, blaming, complaining and justifying.

Easy Credit Financial Magazine

You hear it from people who constantly go bankrupt:

“my boss doesn’t pay me enough” or “it’s the fault of all my parents for my bad habits” and thousands of other excuses. You hear everything, except that the truth is, “it’s all my fault, and I take responsibility for it.” In the first part of this series, I learned all my terrible monetary habits. The pill was hard to swallow, but it is part of an adult.

“I’m so broke if I had the“ x ”amount of dollars” and “If they really appreciated me in my work, I would have had enough” – these are general complaints, to mention a few, that bad money The programmed mind will give out to anything and everyone who listens. This is a simple and clear fact, and I found out in the most complicated way that when I complained, YOU ONLY RETURN TO OTHER COMPLAINTS, NO TO GOD! When you feel the need to complain, STOP not only for the sake of others, but also at your own bank account, as this will only lead to poverty in your life.

“This is the economy” and “I simply don’t have time”, and, oh, yes, my love … “I don’t want problems to be rich” – these are regrettable excuses that prevent people from taking control your financial fate. Let me tell you something, and I turn to the last example, which I have heard many times, I would like to have problems of the rich! Justification is rooted in fear, and fear will make you poor.

If you “pass by,” are poor, live off your salary, it’s time to get rid of the game of guilt, complain and make excuses simply because none of these traits are found in the thinking of the rich and successful. If you want to be rich, and I am rich, you will accept a little more positive programming and stop hanging yourself from others who blame, complain and justify. Most likely, they too!


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